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COVID-19 Policy

HomeKey Inspections COVID-19 Policy (Coronavirus)

Per local and federal orders, we will continue to operate as normal with additional procedures and policies implemented as outlined below. The health of our clients, the occupants of any houses we inspect, Real Estate agents, and our inspectors are our top priority. These policies may change or update as we learn more and we always welcome questions or concerns (call the office or email at

Temporary policy and procedure changes:

  • We are asking clients to not attend their inspection (especially if the client has any symptoms or resides with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19). We normally encourage client attendance and participation but, due to social distancing, are asking our clients to stay at home and instead have a phone call with their inspector, at the end of the inspection, to go over the findings of the inspection. This is to help prevent anyone from exposure to COVID-19, including the occupants of the property inspected. If a client still wants to attend the inspection then that is his or her choice and we ask that no children or additional family members attend (bare minimum present during inspection). Additionally, if a client insists on attending, we require the client to maintain a six-foot distance from our inspector at all times, wash their hands frequently and to wear a face mask.
  • We are requiring that all sellers or occupants, of a property scheduled to be inspected, fill out our “Home Inspection amidst COVID-19” consent form. The form can be found by clicking here. It is the responsibility of our client or our client’s agent to send this form to the sellers for consent before your home inspection can take place.
  • If an agent representing our client has symptoms or resides with someone who has symptoms relating to COVID-19 we ask that the agent have another associate fill in or reschedule the inspection.

Temporary Procedures that our inspectors will observe and follow while performing a home inspection:

  • The inspector will wear a face mask during the inspection when inside the property to be inspected.
  • The inspector will perform regular hand washing throughout the inspection as well as use hand sanitizer (if hand washing is not available or practical). We have asked our inspectors to wash their hands or sanitize before they start, multiple times during, and after the inspection. The inspectors will not wear gloves as many experts say that this is not a practical way to fight the spread of COVID-19 and that hand washing is the best measure to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • The inspectors will carry a towel for drying their hands during the inspection.
  • The inspector will not shake hands or fist bump any clients or agents. Inspectors will maintain a six-foot distance from all clients and we ask that clients maintain this distance as well. It will be awkward but this should be understood and accepted at this point.
  • The inspector will not accept payment in person as well as not receive or pass out any materials (including business cards, etc) – this is to prevent the spread of the virus on surfaces/tangible items.
  • The inspectors will make a conscious effort to not touch their face at all during the inspection
  • If the client does not attend the inspection then the inspector will call the client and discuss findings after the inspection.

Additional note: We cannot perform an inspection if a minor is in the home and there are no other adults present. This has become a greater concern due to schools closing. If an agent, client, or seller is home (meaning there are two adults present) then the inspection can proceed as normal (most real estate associations require the agent to be present during the inspection at all times already).

If you have an inspection scheduled with us or live in a home that has an upcoming home inspection scheduled with our company and you do not feel comfortable with the inspection taking place please let us know ASAP so we can reschedule or find an alternative solution.

Thank you for being a valued customer or partner with HomeKey Inspections!

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