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Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all home inspections! If you are not satisfied with your home inspection, and the below terms and conditions have been met, we will refund your home inspection fee. 


*Terms and conditions:

The satisfaction guarantee is only valid when the following terms/conditions are met:

  • The client must attend the home inspection (proxies or other people present do not satisfy this requirement – the client, as listed on the inspection agreement, has to be physically present during the entire inspection).
  • The client, as listed on the inspection agreement, must be the person who paid for the inspection.
  • The client must notify the inspector or HomeKey Inspections in writing (via email) regarding his or her dissatisfaction prior to receiving the inspection report. Notification via phone call or text messages will not be accepted, the request must be through email by emailing
  • The client must give us (HomeKey Inspections) the opportunity to make it right and meet the client’s expectations (as per reasonable limitations and industry standards of practice).
    • In some circumstances, we may require access to the property in order to “make it right” or meet the client’s expectations. The client or the client’s agent is responsible for arranging for access as needed. A lack of access to the property will make the inspection/client ineligible for our satisfaction guarantee.
  • The reason for dissatisfaction cannot be due to anything outlined in the inspection agreement of which the client already agreed to those terms (such as the inspector not going on the roof when the roof is wet).
  • The client understands that he or she will not receive a report or pictures from the inspection and the inspection agreement, for the home inspection service ONLY, is considered void.
  • The client understands and accepts that he or she will be required to sign a release of liability agreement in order to receive a refund (click here to view our release of liability agreement).
  • The satisfaction guarantee refund applies to home inspection services only and does not include add-on or additional services such as radon testing, leak detection, sewer scope inspections, indoor air quality testing, water quality testing, EMF testing, Level two chimney inspections, WDO / termite Inspections, re-inspections, safety inspections, single item inspections, and the annual inspection program. The amount refunded will only be for the home inspection service.
  • If all of the above terms/conditions are met, and you are still not satisfied with our home inspection service, we will refund your inspection fee.