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Smoke Detectors – Are You Safe?

The most common type of smoke detector found in houses today is an Ionization Smoke Detector (ISD). Although these smoke detectors are approved and working as originally designed, they are no longer considered adequate as the sole method of early fire detection. The problem with ISD’s is that they do not quickly detect a slow, smoldering fire that can fill a house with deadly levels of smoke and Carbon Monoxide. The solution to this problem is to install Photoelectric Smoke Detectors (PSD) alongside all ISD’s. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors utilize a different technology which can detect a slow smoldering fire significantly faster, providing a better chance for escape. Some manufacturers are now making smoke detectors that are both Ionization and Photoelectric. Please be sure that your house is safe by having BOTH types of smoke detectors present at all levels of the house, as well as in every bedroom! Click on the video below to see just how important it is to have a Photoelectric Smoke Detector.