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Why a Home Inspection?

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have already reasoned that a home inspection is valuable. If so, let us assure you of the wisdom behind getting a home inspection—and if not (that is, if you are not yet convinced that a home inspection is a good idea), then let us try and convince you otherwise!

For those who are prospective buyers, a home inspection works on a number of levels for you.

A home inspection gives you potential negotiating power in the purchase of your new home.

When you discover that the sewer line in your front yard (the part that will be your responsibility!) has caved in and will cost you several thousands of dollars to repair, you will have some solid ground to stand on when negotiating down the asking price!

A home inspection gives you a sense of the general condition of your new home at a relatively low cost.

Similar to your primary care doctor, the home inspector will give you a sense of your home’s condition (hopefully, the equivalent of a clean bill of health!) without having to hire a specialist to evaluate every single aspect of your home. The home inspector may find something outside of his/her area of general expertise (the home inspector is a generalist) that merits the recommendation to bring in a specialist (e.g. a roofer, a licensed electrician, etc). But the home inspection should pay off in the end, since you can avoid hiring a specialist for every area—not every system in your home will necessarily require the opinion (or cost!) of a specialist.

You will get to know your home well even before moving in, and have a nice check-list for yourself of some “to-do” items and projects!

You’ll be able to hit the ground running when it comes to home improvement and maintenance, having gotten to know your home inside-and-out from the very beginning.

These are just a few of the valuable things to be had from a home inspection!

The Team @ HomeKey Inspections