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Home inspection

Why Mold Testing Should Always Be Accompanied By an Inspection

Mold can be a silent, sneaky intruder in our homes, causing potential health issues as well as, in some cases, structural damage. When dealing with mold, it's crucial to have a qualified professional assess (and, if needed, remediate) the situation. Being that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasizes the importance of physical inspection in conjunction with mold sampling, as well as addressing the underlying causes of the mold growth, qualified home inspectors are well-placed to perform such mold testing. In this article, we'll discuss why mold sampling should always be done in conjunction with inspection.

Unmasking the Silent Threat: 3 Compelling Reasons to Prioritize Mold Testing for Homeowners and Homebuyers

Discover three reasons why homeowners and homebuyers should prioritize mold testing. From safeguarding your health to arming yourself with knowledge and negotiating power in the home buying process, this article explores the importance of early detection and the benefits it brings. Unmask the silent threat of mold and ensure a healthier home environment for you and your household.

New Construction Fails, part five: Drywall Dust in HVAC System

From early building phases, to the pre-drywall walkthrough, to the final walkthrough, new construction is NOT immune to problems / defects / improper building practices. One such problem we see during an inspection is an HVAC system already covered with drywall dust by the time you're getting ready to move in!

Home Inspection vs Walk & Talk Consultation: Five Differences

In some situations and markets, the Showing Walk & Talk Consultation may be the best option available to you. But remember that it's not the same thing as a home inspection! Here we cover 5 important differences, and why you should always plan to follow-up an initial consultation with a home inspection at a later date.

Should I Buy a House Without a Home Inspection?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to waive the home inspection (not recommended of course!), you still don't need to go walking blind into a bidding war. If an Inspection is not an option, get a Showing Walk & Talk Consultation!

Leak Detection: How Infrared Technology Can Help Find Hidden Leaks

Concerned about hidden leaks in your current or future home? We HIGHLY recommend an add-on service to your standard home inspection which we call “Leak Detection”. Here we address some common questions regarding the technology behind this service. At the end we’ll also mention when it may NOT be worth it to include this add-on service.