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Found Mold?

Disclaimer: Fungal growth (mold is a type of fungal growth) can be hazardous to your health and should always be tested before cleaning or removal. Removing fungal growth or mold is dangerous and a professional should be consulted that has the appropriate training and safety equipment. Any person who uses the below information to clean or remove any type of fungal growth does so at his or her risk and assumes all liability. Please consult the CDC website for important information on fungal / mold growth. 

Mold can be a big problem in many ways, for your health as well as for your wallet! Forget about all of the household concoctions containing a mixture of washing soda, bleach, hot water etc.

Try Concrobium MoldControl

moldMoldControl is designed to treat mold and mildew on almost any surface. The manufacturer states that Concrobium MoldControl kills the mold completely and leaves behind an antimicrobial barrier to prevent new growth.

How to apply

Use a brush, roller, sprayer or cloth. Let the chemical dry, then scrub away any leftover stains and reapply the product to form a protective barrier, preventing further growth. For larger areas, such as a basement or crawlspace, the product can be applied by using a fogger from a rental store. Of course, always follow the directions on the bottle and use adequate protective and safety gear whenever dealing with chemicals or mold/mildew in general. Always wear protective eye wear, respirator designed for mold/mildew and gloves.

Where to Buy

Concrobium MoldControl is sold in 1-qt. spray bottles for around $10, 1-gallon jugs for about $32, and 5-gallon pails for about $150 at most home centers or online.

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